Before You Buy a Pilates Exercise Mat

I came across an article about Pilates Mat and I thought some of you may want an expert opinion, offered by I agree with the author that there are so many mats that you really need to think about your needs and preferences before you buy a mat. As the author mentioned, mats about half an inch thick are great! My personal opinion is you have to test the mat. Some Pilates mat look like they are really thick but when you press them with your fingers, they may just soften and sink in. Hence they are not as thick as they seem because it is highly our body weight will flatten the mat further. I have used so many mats in my years of practice and I highly recommend a Pilates mat produced by AIREX because:

1. The quality is tremendous and provides good support.

2. The Mat is light and can be maintained easily by washing/cleaning.

3. The Mat has a very long life span.

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Most Pilates studios have Pilates mats, usually very nice ones, and unlike yoga, Pilates students are rarely expected to bring their own. Of course if you have your own mat, you may very well want to take it to the studio, but the real reason to get a Pilates is mat is for your home workout.

Pilates mats are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Read through the following guide and think about what your needs and preferences really are, before you buy!

Pilates Mats vs Yoga Mats

Pilates and yoga mats are similar in that they are about the same size and used for exercises done on the floor. However, a Pilates mat needs to be thicker than most yoga mats. Because there are so many standing poses in yoga, mats used for yoga have to let the practitioner feel the floor. This is not so important with a Pilates mat. In fact, Pilates mats are thicker so that we are padded from the floor. Believe me, rolling exercises like Seal and Open Leg Rocker are no fun without padding! Also, yoga mats are sticky, designed to prevent slipping – an unlikely hazard with Pilates exercises.

The Size of the Mat

  • A good Pilates mat is at least a half inch thick. I see a lot of thinner mats marketed as Pilates mats, but they are really just yoga cross-over mats.
  • A Pilates mat should also be firm. A mat that is too soft will not support balance and alignment properly.
  • Make sure that the mat is long enough and wide enough. Typical roll up mat lengths are 72″ – 86″, though I have seen them as short as 56″. Widths vary from 21″ to 39″. There are also folding mats, similar to the kinds of mats found in studios, and those are usually significantly larger, 4′ by 8′ for example.

Roll Up Pilates Mats

The mats that roll up offer the benefits of being portable and easy to find at stores or online. These mats are usually made of dense foam or rubber. To my mind, the closed cell foam mats are the best. They tend to be thicker and firmer than regular foam mats.

Folding Pilates Mats

Folding Pilates mats are very desirable when you get the higher quality types. They are more expensive than the roll up mats, costing up to $300.00 or a bit more. These are closer to what you find in a studio. The higher quality folding mats are heavier and not quite as portable, though they usually do have carrying straps attached. If you want to outfit a home studio, this is the way to go.


Pilates Videos – Real Boon to the Exercisers

When I first started Pilates, I never thought of watching Pilates videos. I did not think that anything can be better than practising the various Pilates mat exercises in Pilates studios. When I started teaching, I recognised that multi-tasking is a challenge to new students. Imagine having to concentrate on the neck alignment, breathing, engaging abdominals, pointing the feet and lengthening the body all at the same time. It can be a lot for newbies! Concentrating on too many things can have an adverse effect on the interest of new students and they may just switch off or give up just because it is too difficult. And I found it an ideal time to touch on the topic of Pilates videos when I chanced upon an article that discussed about it.

You can replay Pilates Videos many times

The biggest benefit to watching Pilates videos is that you can repeat/replay many times. This means you can watch something that you missed earlier, unlike in a class where you cannot revise what you missed. And when you watch something many times, you start to have familiarity in a shorter time frame and this accelerates learning. The other thing is I strongly believe that at different point in time, everyone is at a different stage of learning. Today I may watch something as a Pilates beginners and the Pilates videos that I watch can have one meaning to me. At another time/stage (intermediate stage), the same Pilates videos will hold a different meaning to me. What may be hard to comprehend in the past could be easy to understand in the present and could even be more complex in the future. Hence I feel Pilates videos can have this special effect on learning.

What type of Pilates Videos should I watch?

To a Pilates beginner, I would strongly recommend you to watch Pilates videos that teaches you each individual exercise first. This is so that you can focus on the intention and things to look out for each piece. This focus will enable you to learn all the individual Pilates exercises first. Next it would be a good time to progress to videos that gives you a chance to have a Pilates work out. You can then benefit from continuous movement, which I always strongly believe in. The flow in a Pilates class gives you a full body workout that improves your spinal health. Hence I have been posting individual videos of Mat Pilates so that everyone coming to this website can have a chance to go through this learning process. Some people may not have had the chance to do that before so this is definitely a great opportunity. Although I said it is great for Pilates beginners to start this way, I would still strongly encourage you to watch these videos even if you have been doing Pilates for a long time.

What next after Pilates Videos?

After watching many Pilates videos and Pilates work out videos, it would be great to attend Pilates classes in a Pilates studio where you could get much more teaching cues that can take your learning to the next level. Different people have different learning styles and I feel that a mixture of Pilates at home and at a Pilates class would bring a balance to the visual, audio and kinestatic learning of a person. Meanwhile enjoy the article that I chanced upon below!



Pilates is the new fitness mantra. It is a system of over 500 controlled exercises, which engage the mind and condition the total body. It has challenging moves followed with controlled breathing that strengthens every muscle of the body. It is gaining popularity and is a nice change from frenzy of cardio and strength training.

AS the craze for Pilates exercise is spreading, Pilates videos are becoming more and more popular. They have proven remarkably successful in spreading the word about Pilates and winning new crowds and fans. Although it is a known fact that Pilates is most effective when done in studio or class with a certified instructor, but going there is expensive and time consuming which all cannot afford. Pilates videos allow both the new and the experienced to work on their routines at home at their own time. Videos help the exercisers to get the visual direction while completing their exercises.

If you want to start on a fitness journey Pilates video offers a relatively inexpensive and low risk way to get started. There are literally dozens of Pilates videos on the market, most of which introduce Pilates and help motivate you to keep up with your exercises. Prices generally range from $ 10 to $ 25 USD. You just need to ask yourself are the videos for you? Not everyone likes them but they do offer some advantages over health clubs and outdoor activities.

The Merits of Pilates videos:

1.You have choice to select: There are many varieties of excellent videos on the market. There is something for everyone to suit his or her style and fitness level. All types mat exercises, circle, ball, power step workouts, yoga, they are all available on video.

2.Privacy: Many overweight or rehabilitated individuals feel shy or self-conscious at a gym. They can be themselves and just sweat out at home by no one to comment on you.

3.Inexpensive: Many budgets cannot handle expensive, health clubs, studios, gyms and spas. Many do not want to spend hundred of dollars per year on buying high quality equipment, step bench, shoes, dumbells. Compared to that you can get excellent collection of varied Pilates videos for the fraction of the cost.

As can been seen from above Pilates workout video offers many advantages overall to keep in you great shape.

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Hence I urge all of you to start watching my Pilates videos because I believe your journey would be an enriching one.


Mat Pilates – The classical version

This is the perfect time to see this video because we are showing our very own mat Pilates video at this time for our Pilates beginners! The classical mat Pilates being performed from start to finish. What I love about this video is the flow and continuous movement you see from that guy. I think the in-between of each pilates mat exercises is just as important as the mat exercises itself. Enjoy the video!