Mat – Black Pebble Finish

I came across this mat and thought since many of you are doing Pilates mat exercises, you would need your very own mat. This mat has good cushioning at 3/8″ thickness. More importantly it can be rolled for storage. Click on the image for more details!


5 Great Pilates Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief


My Thoughts:
I think its really common to experience shoulder pain since most people have to work in front of a desktop or laptop for many hours a day. We all know that we have to do something about it and I thought this is an article that can save your search for “How?”. Fortunately we have Pilates exercise that can help you with it so lets all do it together!

If you are experiencing shoulder pain as a result of sports injuries, car accident, frozen shoulder impingement, lifting or any other activity, pilates can help ease the pain and inflammation. There are several exercises you can do, both at home and at your work desk. These are safe to do daily. In fact, you are encouraged to do them at a 2 hour interval.

Here are some pilates pain relief shoulder exercises. They are simple to do and can be done virtually anywhere, even while sitting at your desk at work.

Shoulder Rolls Simply roll your shoulders upwards and backwards away from your ears for 5 to10 repetitions; repeat the process in a forward motion. Movements should be performed slowly and in a controlled manner for shoulder relief.

Neck Rotation You can do the same with your neck by rotating your neck one way, in a clockwise direction. Repeat in anti-clockwise direction. This exercise releases tension at the neck and shoulders and improves blood circulation.

Arms Circle Back Stand facing front or seated. Lift both arms upward slowly, palms facing the ceiling. Reach up towards the ceiling, keeping shoulders away from your ears. Turn palms outwards when the arms are extended fully and start to bring the arms down slowly behind you. You should feel your chest widen as your shoulder blades draw backwards. Do the exercises as if you are in a sphere feeling the wall around you. Repeat 5-10 times.

Overhead Back Shoulder Stretch Bring both arms up over your head. Use your right hand to grasp your left wrist. As you inhale, prepare to extend backwards. Exhale open and lift chest out and up. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times. Repeat the same with change in the wrist hold. This is an especially good exercise if you suffer from stiff neck and shoulder pain.

Elbow Circle Backwards Bend both your arms as you take your fingers to your shoulder. Keep your elbows bend as you circle them backwards. Squeeze shoulder blades backwards together as the elbows move upwards and backwards. Keep chest open and wide all the time. This exercise restores functionality and mobility to tight shoulders. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Take the exercises in your stride. Do not try doing too much at once; it may actually aggravate your tight / sore muscles further. There are a number of other pilates exercises you can do for shoulder release that are great for beginners.

Learn these simple pilates shoulder pain relief exercises that will ease pain and inflammation. As you get better and stronger, you can work under a certified Pilates instructor for more challenging program to gain more muscular strength and endurance for improving shoulder joint stability. Do not stop your pilates shoulder pain relief exercises as you get better. You will want to make it part of your lifestyle activity.

Shoulder pain can keep you from enjoying daily activities like hiking, golf, playing with your children or grandchildren, and even simple things like getting in and out of your car. By doing these pilates shoulder pain exercises you can strengthen your shoulder muscles and joints and start to enjoy the simple things in life again.


Mat Pilates – The classical version

This is the perfect time to see this video because we are showing our very own mat Pilates video at this time for our Pilates beginners! The classical mat Pilates being performed from start to finish. What I love about this video is the flow and continuous movement you see from that guy. I think the in-between of each pilates mat exercises is just as important as the mat exercises itself. Enjoy the video!