Pilates Mats

Having a good Pilates mat is very important and I have 2 mats which I would like to recommend to you. These 2 mats have a thickness which is ideal for Pilates mat exercises and provide adequate cushioning for your spine/back. Please click on their pictures if you want more details. You can also find them in our STORE.

GoFit GF-PMAT Exercise Mat (72″ x 24″)

This Mat is a professional-grade mat just like the ones used in Pilates studios. It is an absolute must for performing all the various forms, exercises and methods pertaining to Pilates in total comfort and style. The GoFit mat is a full ½ inch thick with closed cell air pockets to provide a soft, yet durable design. It also has a ribbed surface for a better feel during use and to provide a non-slip performance surface. This mat is Blue and can be rolled for easy storage. Clean with a damp cloth.

Airex Fitline 180 Exercise Mat (72″ x 23″)

This Mat is great for abdominal or fitness workouts. It is narrow and features a non-slip surface with 4/10” thick padding to protect you from hard floors. It has good cushion support for your back/spine. The Fitline is lightweight and portable and the closed cell structure repels moisture. Great for use both indoors and outdoors thanks to the easy to clean surface.


Pilates for Beginners – Criss Cross

I highly recommend this exercise if you really want to shape up your waist. Please practise the earlier abdominal exercises first so that this one is more manageable. I would think one common mistake people make for this exercise is trying to twist their neck more than their chest. Rotate in a smaller range first and make sure you feel it in your waist, then aim for more when you have gotten the hang of it.

These 5 abdominal exercises are what I practised everyday for 6 months when I started doing Pilates mat and in that 6 months I lost 2.5 inches around my waist. I wish you luck and have fun!


Mat – Black Pebble Finish

I came across this mat and thought since many of you are doing Pilates mat exercises, you would need your very own mat. This mat has good cushioning at 3/8″ thickness. More importantly it can be rolled for storage. Click on the image for more details!