Pilates Training – Boomerang

You would probably have by now a year of Pilates Training so I think this would be a good time to introduce some advanced and interesting Pilates mat exercises to you. The Boomerang is a complicated exercises that challenges your core stability and balance while the body moves in space. You also have to have control as well as coordination! I would only recommend you to do this exercise only if you have attempted the Teaser and Roll Over and with success.

Tips when doing Boomerang in your Pilates Training

1. Pull your abdominals in when the legs lift off the mat at the beginning to prevent the lower back from arching.

2. Use your inner thighs to keep the legs long and stable in the air when legs are overhead.

3. Use the abdominals to control the lowering of the pelvis and spine when moving from Roll Over to Teaser.

4. Press arms into the mat when performing pt 3 to help get up into Teaser.

5. Move continuously while thinking of the whole exercise as one and not separate parts.

Pilates Training preparation for the Boomerang

These are mat Pilates Training exercises you can practise:

1. Spine Stretch

2. Rolling like a ball

3. Roll Over

4. Teaser.

What if the Boomerang is too difficult for my Pilates Training?

Usually if you are competent in the above 4 preparation Pilates mat exercises, you will find the Boomerang a more than manageable exercise. However having said that, most of you would still want to do something challenging and include the Boomerang so lets explore what we can do here. From my observations, a lot of people find the exercise hard when their hamstrings (back of the thigh) is inflexible. If you belong to this group and still want to attempt this piece, you may want to bend your knees slightly when you do the Teaser part to keep the movement manageable. Also you may want to keep the arms in contact with the mat throughout the whole exercise to keep things simpler. This means you only need to circle your arms along the floor while doing the Boomerang.


After watching this video, please comment on your experience of this piece in your Pilates Training.


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