Pilates Training Keys to Lose Weight

My thoughts:
I’m sure many people question if Pilates can help lose weight? There are differing views to this and when I chance upon the article below, I thought it is good to share this. In my personal opinion, losing weight is not just a physical issue. Losing weight starts first in the mind. There must first be the intention for losing weight and with it the COMMITMENT to do so. I’m sure you hear of your friends commenting how they have been trying to lose weight for years and still trying. The word “trying” sets you up for failure. Having passion to lose weight is not enough without the commitment. Passion is just like fire and commitment is just like wood. You need wood to keep the fire going!

Pilates teaches you a lot about commitment because each movement you execute (be it easy or difficult), it is with the intention to do it well and with grace and with your 100%. It helps you to connect your mind and body in a miraculous way that you may not notice. You start to become more in tune with your body and know exactly how you feel about your body each day. In the process, you become more precise about how you exercise and move and this helps you to burn your calories more efficiently. You will also start breathing well and have better spirits. Spirit is a powerful ingredient for weight loss. It is what keeps you taking actions consistently to lose weight and brings you closer to your result.

Although I do not think the article below is sufficient enough for you to think that Pilates can help to lose weight, I strongly believe if you include what I have written above into your weight loss program, Pilates can be a POWERFUL tool to help you lose weight!

A large percentage of the population around the world is complaining about their excessive weight. But thanks to television shows like that of Oprah, weight loss is no longer a mystery. If you want to achieve the best of health and be fit at all times, you can lose weight through Pilates Training.

Of course, no amount of training will prove effective if you don’t have self discipline. You need to keep track of the foods that you eat everyday and that includes the three major meals as well as the snacks you peck on all throughout the day; not only that, you should also watch all your fluid-intake. By taking the right amount of fluids everyday, you can help in the chemical reactions inside your body to keep them running smoothly. The last thing that you have to do to get the proper exercise and you can do that with Pilates.

The catalyst that brings together all your efforts is the exercise routine that you choose. By doing Pilates Training, you can help in improving your digestion, mood, energy levels, and weight loss. If you want a lean look, try to visit the site of Pilates on the internet. But like many other people, you may be hesitant if Pilates will work for you. With Pilates training, there are two essential keys that you need to remember.

Together with your training, you should also include cardiovascular exercises. Any form of resistance training can help you in shedding those extra pounds by burning off calories. However, you need to know that Pilates is not a rigorous cardiovascular workout. The exercise routine should be followed as per instruction. It is highly discouraged for individuals to do the routines in a rapid manner because this will not serve as your cardio exercise and it can harm you in some way. You will only end up hurting yourself by speeding up your exercise routines.

The movements followed in your training require focus and precision. Pilates offers trampoline routines that are already built in their machines. If you want, you can get DVDs of workout exercises to help you in your workout.

For your cardio exercises, you can do walking, cycling, swimming, play tennis, or jogging. If you dread the stationary gyms and treadmills, these cardio exercises are really interesting alternatives. By adding any or all of the cardio exercises in your training, you can definitely make a huge difference in terms of your goals in losing weight. Shedding poundage is just part of the whole equation but you also need to be sure that your progress is measured correctly.

The final key to succeed in losing weight through Pilates training is adopting an accurate weight loss measure. Progress is not only measured through pounds but also in inches. According to Pilates training, leaner look is achieved through proper muscle toning. It can help you in toning your abs, butt, thighs, and underarms. By losing weight, you can also gain toned muscles. By having toned muscles, calories are burned more efficiently so you can maintain your desired weight.

So if you want to lose weight effectively, remember the two important keys suggested by Pilates. By following the keys and then following your exercise routine properly, you can shed those unwanted pounds in no time. Just learn to be patient and control yourself. Practice self discipline at all times in order to maintain your desired weight.

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Pilates for Beginners – Double Leg Lower/Lift

The few Pilates mat exercises we have seen lately are all great pieces to practise EVERYDAY if you want to have a stronger and flatter abdominals. This one is really good for your lower abs and I think is a great piece to include into your pilates workout. I would strongly encourage you to get better with your single and double leg stretches first before practising this piece. Most people have a tendency to arch their lower back in this piece which we do not want to. This is great but if you do not do it properly you may get back aches.


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Pilates for Beginners – Scissors

This is the 3rd of our abdominal series and I strongly recommend you to practise this piece. It is safe and suitable for beginners. If you have been feeling some strain in your neck in some of the abdominal exercises, this piece can help you as you can hold on to your legs which helps you to create a deeper curl in your body. That way your neck will not feel too much strain when you become tired.


Can I Do Cross Training With Pilates?

Source: http://pilates.about.com/od/foodandweightloss/f/Cross-Training.htm

My Thoughts:
I think too many treat Pilates as an exercise on its own and do not integrate Pilates into what they were doing. Hence the benefits they see are always limited and treat it like any other exercise routines. What many do not realise is, Pilates does not just teach you how to copy an exercise, have a good workout and be done with it. In my opinion, Pilates is a concept that teaches you how to move better and makes sure you do move better (be it simple or complex movements), so that it improves your quality of life and in doing so give you freedom and fulfillment. You can have all the money and things you view as important in your life, but without a healthy body that moves well, you will not be able to enjoy them.

One of the biggest satisfaction that I personally have is that many of my students who took up Pilates, has integrated Pilates into their exercise routines also known as Cross Training. The results they have gotten were amazing and helped them improve what they were doing. This includes golfers, tennis players, dancers, yoga practitioners and others. I want more people to benefit in the ways these students of mine have and so I thought it is important you read this article about cross training. There is this saying “The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW” and I firmly believe in it. If you know why you want to do Pilates, it will be much easier to know how to do it!

If you do Pilates and add other forms of exercise into your weekly routine, you are cross training. There are some good reasons to do this. Here are a few:
• Pilates exercises are oriented toward functional fitness, meaning that Pilates teaches you to move better in general, thereby enhancing performance and reducing risk of injury in other activities.
• Cross training that combines strength training with cardio is said to be the best way to get in tip top shape and is recommended by the American Council on Exercise.
• Cross training adds sustaining variety to a workout routine.

In the simplest of equations, Pilates is the moderate strength training aspect a cross training program. Pilates has so many more benefits, I hesitate to leave it at that. But for now, let’s look at Pilates as strength training and how that supports increased flexibility. Strength and flexibility are of special interest for cross trainers.

The Pilates Method is founded on core strength. Pilates mat and equipment exercises strengthen not just the outer muscles of the center of the body but also the deep inner stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, and back — the core muscles. Core strength supports the back and neck, giving us healthy posture and freeing the joints to allow a natural flexibility of the limbs. This kind of strength and flexibility training translate well into all kinds cross training activities.

Pilates mat work is is a full-body workout and wonderful for developing core strength. However, if you are going to depend on Pilates exclusively for your strength training, you will probably want to add the resistance exercises done with large and small Pilates equipment. That will expand your options for developing strength in the limbs as well as the core.

Many people value the long, lean-look muscles that come from Pilates and are satisfied with the level of integrative, moderate strength training that Pilates provides. Pilates resistance training is enough to give you functional power, help build bone, and burn more calories because muscle is a calorie burner. If you want even more strength and muscle, you might consider mixing in more traditional weight training. Pilates will help you do weight training with better alignment, greater range of motion, and integrative focus.

Pilates cross trains well with anything. Pilates and yoga are a popular combination. But because of the extra health benefits of cardio training such as strengthening heart and lungs, stress reduction, and increased energy levels, you might want to think about cross training Pilates with some of the top cardio exercises like walking and running. Interval training is also becoming a popular cardio option. This would be especially true if you are interested in weight loss. Strength training combined with cardio and good dietary choices is the best formula for weight loss — though Pilates helps weight loss with or without cardio.


Pilates for Beginners – Double Leg Stretch

This Pilates mat exercise helps you to work your deep abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominis. As promised, we will be looking at a few abdominal exercises in these few Pilates videos. It is suitable for Pilates beginners so I recommend that you include this when practising Pilates at home. Enjoy your Pilates workout and reap the benefits of Pilates! And if you like this video, recommend all your friends to watch our videos!


Pilates for Beginners – Single Leg Stretch

This Pilates video introduces you one of the Pilates mat exercises that can help you get flat abdominals. I think together with the next 4 abdominal exercises from the mat Pilates, you are going to get a really well-toned abdominals if you practise these 5 pilates mat exercises EVERYDAY!


5 Great Pilates Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?5-Great-Pilates-Exercises-for-Shoulder-Pain-Relief&id=6154885

My Thoughts:
I think its really common to experience shoulder pain since most people have to work in front of a desktop or laptop for many hours a day. We all know that we have to do something about it and I thought this is an article that can save your search for “How?”. Fortunately we have Pilates exercise that can help you with it so lets all do it together!

If you are experiencing shoulder pain as a result of sports injuries, car accident, frozen shoulder impingement, lifting or any other activity, pilates can help ease the pain and inflammation. There are several exercises you can do, both at home and at your work desk. These are safe to do daily. In fact, you are encouraged to do them at a 2 hour interval.

Here are some pilates pain relief shoulder exercises. They are simple to do and can be done virtually anywhere, even while sitting at your desk at work.

Shoulder Rolls Simply roll your shoulders upwards and backwards away from your ears for 5 to10 repetitions; repeat the process in a forward motion. Movements should be performed slowly and in a controlled manner for shoulder relief.

Neck Rotation You can do the same with your neck by rotating your neck one way, in a clockwise direction. Repeat in anti-clockwise direction. This exercise releases tension at the neck and shoulders and improves blood circulation.

Arms Circle Back Stand facing front or seated. Lift both arms upward slowly, palms facing the ceiling. Reach up towards the ceiling, keeping shoulders away from your ears. Turn palms outwards when the arms are extended fully and start to bring the arms down slowly behind you. You should feel your chest widen as your shoulder blades draw backwards. Do the exercises as if you are in a sphere feeling the wall around you. Repeat 5-10 times.

Overhead Back Shoulder Stretch Bring both arms up over your head. Use your right hand to grasp your left wrist. As you inhale, prepare to extend backwards. Exhale open and lift chest out and up. Hold the stretch for about 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times. Repeat the same with change in the wrist hold. This is an especially good exercise if you suffer from stiff neck and shoulder pain.

Elbow Circle Backwards Bend both your arms as you take your fingers to your shoulder. Keep your elbows bend as you circle them backwards. Squeeze shoulder blades backwards together as the elbows move upwards and backwards. Keep chest open and wide all the time. This exercise restores functionality and mobility to tight shoulders. Repeat 5 to 10 times.

Take the exercises in your stride. Do not try doing too much at once; it may actually aggravate your tight / sore muscles further. There are a number of other pilates exercises you can do for shoulder release that are great for beginners.

Learn these simple pilates shoulder pain relief exercises that will ease pain and inflammation. As you get better and stronger, you can work under a certified Pilates instructor for more challenging program to gain more muscular strength and endurance for improving shoulder joint stability. Do not stop your pilates shoulder pain relief exercises as you get better. You will want to make it part of your lifestyle activity.

Shoulder pain can keep you from enjoying daily activities like hiking, golf, playing with your children or grandchildren, and even simple things like getting in and out of your car. By doing these pilates shoulder pain exercises you can strengthen your shoulder muscles and joints and start to enjoy the simple things in life again.